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59 Camley Street, the hidden market

Christian Spencer-Davies

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Markets are the life-blood of the city, connecting us with the makers, growers and distributors of our daily needs. Hidden in the industrial estate on Camley Street just behind Kings Cross there are over 120 fishmongers, 100 butchers and 75 organic muesli makers and it’s where I based my architectural modelmaking business AMODELS for more than ten years. My piece shows an old piece of graffiti on a neglected back wall of one of the industrial units.

Christian Spencer-Davies is the founder and ex-Managing Director of AMODELS Ltd where he specialised in making contemporary architectural models for over 25 years. His work has been exhibited worldwide.

Acrylic on MDF and balsa wood sculpture. Unique. Signed on recto. Framed.

Dimensions: 370mm (h) x 420mm (w) x 55 (d).

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